Joy Mwende 

Business Assistant

Only a better understanding of the product can work more effectively, reduce some low-level mistakes, we must understand the importance of documents to customers, in the work to clearly understand their own advantages and perfect play.

Matthew Wei

General manager

As an overseas sales manager, you should fully understand the customs of other countries, establish friendly communication links on the basis of respecting the habits of other countries, fully display the company’s development advantages and unique points, and actively explore the needs of overseas people to promote common Cooperation and development.

Sam Sun

Production Quality Director

Control the quality of product production to meet the needs of consumers, and adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in the use of product materials. For the company’s future production direction, it has a forward-looking production vision and takes advantage of high quality and low price. Unremitting efforts.

Angela Zhou

Purchasing Manager

The procurement process is complex and changeable, we must learn to grasp the general direction in the changing situation, and win the hearts of customers with the best quality and the best price.

Zoe Xu

Business Assistant

The details of the work will determine the success or failure of the list. Carefulness is the starting point, effort is the basis, and the rest is determined by effective communication between the two parties. Learn to work hard and work hard.

Sunny Wang


Document production should be meticulous and careful, which is the most basic quality of a good follower; facing emergencies should be faced with heavy weight. This is the key to becoming a good follower.

Susie Guo


Good communication can get twice the result with half the effort, and timely update of the work content can grasp the cutting-edge dynamics in advance, paving the way for the success of subsequent work.

Echo Zhang

Purchasing Assistant

As a procurement assistant, on the one hand, we must actively work to continuously improve our business capabilities, on the other hand, we must strengthen procurement contracts and supplier management, and do everything possible to reduce procurement costs.

Brian Hua

Chief Designer

Outstanding designers must have a good design mentality while having perfect art skills, and dare to innovate and break through their own vision. Try to apply what you have learned to your design.

Harvey Meng

Technical Director

In today’s fiercely competitive communications market, network technology is constantly changing, so continuous learning is particularly important to us! Do what others are not willing to do, do what others dare not to do, and do what others cannot.

Ayanna Zhang

Global Trading Sales

In product sales, we should establish a good relationship with customers and meet their different needs. In addition, timely understanding of competitors’ products and price information makes us understand the competitive advantages of our products and better promote our products.

Yinne Lin

Global Trading Sales

It is necessary to know what is best to sell and what is not. Be familiar with the company’s products and find products with high foreign demand. And the products on the shelves should be attractive enough. To continue to expand the industry English, in order to be able to communicate more completely with customers.

June Zhang

Foreign trade clerk

It’s vital to own the familiarity with the product and good communication skillswhile doing foreign trade. In addition, carefulness play an important role in foreign trade. Let customers feel that you are very dedicated and professional, they will continue to communicate with you and place orders.

Ada Yin

Business assistant

My job is to assist and cooperate with the daily work of foreign trade managers and salesmen, do daily quotation, inquiry, etc., from the beginning to the present, make a little progress, learn, improve my ability, and lay a firm foundation for the future

Peggy Lin

Administrative Clerk

Joined BZY for 6 years, witnessed the growth of BZY. I’m deeply love this team and believe we are entering a new journey.

Amy Xiao

New media promotion

Good shooting and video production can better promote our high-quality products and our company image.

Ivy Chen

Business assistant

A qualified business assistant needs a serious attitude. Collect, organize and upload all kinds of products of our company, so that the follow-up work can be quickly and conveniently improved.

Lily Ying

Purchasing Specialist

There is no job in the world that is not hard, and there is no place where people are not complicated. No matter what you are going through at the moment, you must adjust your mentality, move on, and work hard.

Emily Zhao

Documentation Specialist

For a smooth cross-sea transaction, transportation is indispensable. My duty is to ensure that the goods traded can be boarded smoothly, traveled by sea and reach the customer safely.

Alice Xu

QC Inspector

Whether the product is qualified from production to export is guaranteed by us. The purpose of QC inspection specialist: never let any imperfect product appear in our “God” hands.